Saturday, 5 March 2016

GDD by Example

I've been thinking a lot what could be my very first game be that I'll share with you guys. I thought I may do something in 2D because the concepts are a bit easier to grasp there but truth to be told Unity is a 3D game engine at it's very core and this bites back a bit when you try to make a 2D game in it.

Also I just got a really great idea for a 2D game but it's kind of bigger in scale than the idea I'm going to share with you now and I thought I'll need more practice myself before jumping into that one. One of the very first advices I got from people on various forums when I first looked into becoming an indie gamedeveloper myself was the KISS principle.
Keep It Simple, Stupid.

So with all this in mind I present you with the Game Development Document of Kitten Rampage. This game will be an FPS survival game similar to Devil Daggers only without all the really creepy demons and skulls and whatnot. The basic idea actually came from my girlfriend because when I showed her some gameplay footage of Devil Daggers her very first reaction was "This game looks like someone's nightmare. I'm gonna have bad dreams about this for sure." so I figured I'm going to make something similar for her without all that creepiness.

Of course if you are developing a game you should aim for a much broader target audience and we will do so in the future but right now for my very first title I thought it's fitting to be something more personal project.

Anyways you can find the GDD on this link. It's also very simple in this moment and very short but as time progress I'm going to expand it because a GDD is always shaping as you come up with new ideas during the game development. I also wanted to place some pictures here and there but haven't got the time to make any so definetly going to make up for that in the future.