Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Status Report

A puppy typing on a keyboard in front of a computer is on the picture.

So... My computer pretty much broke down and I'm forced to bear with a much older laptop which isn't sufficient for developing 3D games.

I've been giving it a lot of thought but decided I should continue with a few 2D game articles so that's what I'm gonna do til I get enough savings to pull a meaner config together for development later. That's gonna take some time however as I just found a workplace for myself and wages are generally not that great in my country as I'd like them to be or as they are in many other places.

Anyways the big idea is to develop a random 2D Dungeon crawler with a cute little husky as the main character in some heroic knight armor or something. I love fantasy stuffs and my girlfriend loves puppies so that's 2 birds with one stone but first we are gonna take a look on how to generate a dungeon for ourselves.


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